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boot error

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pomelo (deadpan)

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frankenpepper (tooth)

“Das ist wichtig und richtig.”

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great dream from heaven (take 439)

traditional (?) – cover of ry cooder’s version

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dough (higher & higher)

music: “higher and higher” – born ruffians

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happy belated quarantine’s day!

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3 minute warning (wallpaper)

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ur-noise (extended)

aldi-keyboard, pc, “reaktor”, 2 sound engineers (Z & N)+ 2 musicians (Mat & F), recorded around 2004, salvaged from a ca. 30-60 minute session

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hacking #2

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electro avantgarde

1 (Z) Saxophone Rag (Z) One Hit Wonder (N) ableton live 4, reaktor / gobox plugin  

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